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Types of ashtanga yoga classes

Weekly classes in Henfield, West Sussexbuddha with flower

The calender page provides details of all current classes and workshops but an overview of regular formats is provided below.

Ashtanga Yoga Foundations classes

Newcomers are very welcome and these Foundations classes offered in Brighton and Henfield are an excellent introduction.  Over the course of 4 weekly classes you will learn the key components on which the Ashtanga practice is based.  These include breath, foundation and bandha (locks or engagement), together with an introduction to drishti (gazepoints) and the vinyasa counted method of practice.   Ideally you should attend all four classes in the Foundations programme, but don't worry if you start late or have to miss a class, these 'foundations' will be referred to and refined in all future teaching.  By the end of this programme you will have the confidence and knowledge to begin an unsupervised self practice appropriate to you and to join the level 1 or level 2 (mysore style) classes.

Ashtanga Yoga level 1 (mixed ability) classes 

Level 1 Ashtanga yoga classes in are aimed at those who have attended a Foundations class programme or have had some previous experience of Ashtanga.   Classes comprise a counted led primary series in which Ade will lead you through the vinyasa (breath - movement combinations) up to but no further than navasana.  In the Level 1 classes we will occassionally pause in the counted practice to explore particular aspects such as jump throughs, modifications etc.

These classes are ideal for building confidence in your primary series practice and to prepare you for the level 2 class programme.  Prior attendance of the Foundations classes is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Ashtanga Yoga level 2 classes

Level 2 classes are presented in two formats - led primary series and mysore style assisted self practice.  Each class is defined in the calendar.

In the led classes Ade will count through the whole of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.  While students are assisted individually as appropriate, the emphasis is on building the consistency and rhythm of a counted practice.  Students should previously have attended a level 1 class (or be familiar with full primary series).  People progressing from level 1 to level 2 classes are encouraged to attend one of the regular 'post navasana' primary series workshops (see calendar for details).

In the mysore style classes, each student practices all or part of primary or intermediate series to a point appropriate to them at that moment.  For those keen to develop a home practice and engage more deeply with the possibilities available, these classes are essential as they allow the most individual contact between student and teacher.  They are 'one to one teaching' in a group setting and represent the essence of the Ashtanga Yoga approach.  These classes are open to anyone who has attended a Foundations programme with Ade or who has experienced enough Ashtanga Yoga to be able to complete the surya namaskara sequences without instruction.  Ade has received the blessing of his own teacher Nancy Gilgoff to share both the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga with others. 

Workshopsyogi in training 

Workshops and extended trainings are regularly held at a variety of Brighton, Sussex and other venues. Outlines are provided on the calendar and details are included on the 'workshops and trainings' page.



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