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Yoga class etiquette guidelines

Please read and follow the booking details carefully. jen

Please allow enough time to arrive, change and be seated in class a few minutes before the scheduled start time.  Classes start promptly and late arrivals can create difficulties for both you and the other students.  

Please bring your own mat if you have one.  There are a limited number of mats available for use however, should you do not have a mat or be able to carry one with you to class.

If you do arrive late and you can hear no movement in the practice room, the group is probably sitting for a few minutes before the opening chant. Wait quietly outside the room and then come in when you hear the group move and prepare to chant and begin asana practice.   

If you are coming to class for the first time please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for a chat with Ade regarding any particular issues or injuries that may need to be considered during class.   

Please do not wear perfume, scented deodorants, or colognes etc to class. Like natural body odours these become intensified by the heat of the practice and some students are sensitive to chemicals or strong odours.  

Appropriate clothing for practice is a very personal choice.  Baggy clothing is generally best avoided by both sexes.  You'll get warm and even sweaty so wear clothes that will be cool and comfortable but bring a blanket or something warm to put on at the end of practice for relaxation.  

In assisted self practice classes, you are welcome to leave early but please avoid leaving when most people in the group are in savasana as this can be extremely distracting for others.  Similarly in led classes, please do not leave while others are in savasana.  

Enjoy your practice - try to remember that each asana should be a steady, comfortable posture and that Yoga is a personal exploration not a competition or form of 'self torture'.  Smile - be well, be happy. 


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